Friday, July 29, 2011

Gardasil vaccines tainted by debris

Let the PR begin. Merck says it isn’t aware of any ‘adverse events’ stemming from bits of charred shrink wrap found in some vials of Gardasil, Varivax and Pneumovax; of course, the pharma company didn’t think any had stemmed from previous problems with metal particle contamination or cracked vials, either.

Not that it would have necessarily rushed to tell the FDA about problems anyway. The FDA saw fit to give Merck a rap over the knuckles for delaying adverse event reporting—something that readers of this blog have complained about endlessly after bad experiences. And according to Merck, the worst that recipients of one of years' worth of  tainted vaccines can expect is injection site irritation. They know this how, exactly?

Still, you can rest easy.

“What we are seeing is that the severity and criticality of observations [by FDA inspectors] are declining,” James Robinson, vice president of vaccines product and technical operations, told the Wall Street Journal. “What we’ve seen in the last few inspections tells us we’re on the right track.”

Gosh. That makes me feel a whole lot better about the potential for one of my kids having a particle of metal or burned plastic injected into her flesh, and thence her system. Things are better than they were! Who needs perfect?

Just repeat after me: it’s statistically insignificant, and so is anything you might suffer afterwards.

Meanwhile, my daughter needs a tetnus booster. Guess I'd better go along to check for cracked vials and to cross my fingers about contamination.


Anonymous said...

Good for the FDA! But debris is not they only thing wrong with it. Look at the stuff they but in Gardasil, you have to copy and paste the names of it in yahoo to learn that there is POISON in it! Look it up.

Anonymous said...

Plastic particles are not the only ones which should be of concern. Gardasil contains toxic rat poison sodium borate and neurotoxic aluminium. Polysorbate, which may cause infertility, renders the blood-brain barrier more porous and facilitates passage of aluminium into the brain tissue. This increases the risk of brain damage.
The virus strains which are removed by Gardasil will be replaced by new ones which may be more cancer causing than the original ones.
In other words, Gardasil is maybe a cancer vaccine because it may increase the risk of cancer.

Anonymous said...

It is almost like they just went in a supply closet got stuff. Added big names for it and then put in a little real medical stuff to make it look real! Ugh I hate Gardasil!!!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed something. They said it was one year it has been several years that this has been going on! The FDA needs to get them!!!!!

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