Thursday, February 25, 2010

Merck funding and the push to give Gardasil without parents’ knowledge or consent

Well, color me naïve. Last week I wrote here about two ill-advised bills currently attempting to make it legal for clinics and school nurses to give children HPV shots (Merck’s Gardasil is the brand most commonly used in the US)—regardless of age, and without their parents knowing a thing about it.

"Although some bloggers have speculated about the motives of these zealous legislators, particularly with regards to campaign contributions by Merck,” I wrote, “I don’t doubt that they think they’re doing the right thing—even if they’re in fact being preposterously over-reaching.”

Now a regular reader has written to let me know that Senator Liz Krueger is in fact a member of Women in Government, a group that was heavily criticized for attempting to make vaccination with Gardasil mandatory for public school attendance after receiving substantial funding from Merck.

OK, sometimes I’m a real innocent.


Anonymous said...

lol but it's nice to assume that people have our best interests at heart even if they are actually full of *****

Reluctant Activist said...
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