Friday, March 6, 2009

Further Post- Gardasil Convulsions Send Raquel and Karla Back to Intensive Care—Again

Raquel and Karla, the two Valencia schoolgirls who in February were both rushed to intensive care within hours of each other after receiving second Gardasil shots, were both readmitted yet again to the ICU on Wednesday. Raquel, the younger of the two reportedly suffered from convulsions for 90 minutes.

After the two girls lost consciousness and went into convulsions immediately after the inoculations, Spain withdrew the suspect batch of shots. On February 19, however, Spain resumed its vaccination program when the European Medicines Agency said that it had reviewed the cases of the two girls and determined that their illness was “unlikely” to be related to vaccination with Gardasil.

This is the fourth time in a month that Karla (15) has been admitted to intensive care and the fifth time for Raquel (14). “The worst thing is that we can’t see any end to all this,” one of Raquel’s family members told El País, Spain’s largest newspaper.

The two girls had no connection apart from the fact that both were vaccinated with their second shots, taken from the same batch of Gardasil, within two days of each other.

“The link between the vaccination and the appearance of identical symptoms is so obvious that one can only understand denying it if there are unjustifiable special interests involved,” said the families, calling for Health Minister Bernat Soria to intervene and advising other parents not to allow their children to be vaccinated.

Despite a battery of tests doctors have been unable to determine any cause for the repeated convulsions in the two formerly healthy girls. The health ministry has now assembled a panel of experts to help resolve the mystery and, hopefully, get Raquel and Karla back to normal.


nina said...


I love your blog. It's excellent, articulate and witty to boot. Thank you. My daughter developed epilepsy since vaccination by Gardasil and not a day passes that I don't regret not being more informed on the vaccine, its potential side-effects and HPV in general. I hope many find your blog BEFORE their daugther's next doctor appointment.

Thank you.
Nina Kenney

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