Monday, February 2, 2009

Gardasil’s Quiet Side-Effect: Autoimmune Disease

Maybe the numbers aren’t statistically significant enough, and with no long-term data we can’t really assess the risk properly. But in one study of 11,813 girls receiving the Gardasil vaccine, 2 developed rheumatoid arthritis, 5 developed arthritis, 1 developed reactive arthritis, and 1 developed juvenile arthritis.

In the control group of similarly-aged young girls, all of whom received placebo shots also containing aluminum, 1 recipient developed lupus and 2 developed arthritis.

Merck has been widely criticized for its use of a placebo containing the same adjuvant as the vaccine instead of a placebo containing a non-reactive saline. Such a practice can mask adverse reactions—although in this case a 3-fold increased risk of auto-immune disease nevertheless became apparent—and aluminum has been associated with nerve cell death.

Multiple cases of the autoimmune disorder Guillain-Barré syndrome arising after vaccination with Gardasil have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (it is estimated that less than 10 percent of adverse events are actually reported to VAERS). The CDC, however, has concluded that at least so far there is no evidence that Gardasil increases the risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Heads also swiveled last year over the story of Jenny, a young girl who developed a mystery
case of ALS, motor-neuron disease, after vaccination with Gardasil. Sadly, she was far from the only headline-grabbing "was-it-Gardasil" story.

Incidence of autoimmune disease in general is rising. “Autoimmune disease is a multimillion dollar market set to increase as world prevalence rates rise and the population lives longer,” reported BioPortfolio, rather gleefully.

Roughly eight percent, predominantly women, of people in the US currently suffer various autoimmune diseases that, according to the Lancet, “arise in genetically predisposed individuals but require an environmental trigger.”

Women considering the Gardasil vaccine might want to take hereditary factors into account first.

‘As examples, Dr. Harper (Dr. Diane Harper, who was involved in Gardasil’s clinical trials) mentioned family history of motor neuron disease or autoimmune diseases, which could affect how the person reacts to the vaccine,’ wrote medical journalist Zosia Chustecka. ‘She illustrated this point by saying: "Salt does not usually kill anybody, but for a person with congestive heart failure, it could lead to fatal pulmonary edema, so you could say that salt caused their death, as it was the last straw that broke the camel's back."’

That seems like a fairly balanced approach to does-it-doesn't-it-cause-auto-immune-disease questions. If you really want to protect against the strains of HPV that cause 70% of cervical cancers, and you’re not willing to count on regular Pap smears to protect you, take a look at your family history before undergoing Gardasil’s three shots. Check for incidence of MS, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and so on, and then decide.

What do you think? Could Gardasil be a trigger for auto-immune diseases? Does autoimmune disease count as a side-effect of a vaccine if it was triggered by the vaccine rather than caused by it; or if it appears outside the time-frame considered by the CDC? Should we worry about the combined effect of the ever-increasing number of recommended or mandatory vaccines?


Ilena Rosenthal said...

Excellent posting.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would please list the side effects these young girls had before they died. I mean did they have an increase of weight loss, did they have bad headaches, no appeite etc.Because this is mumbo jumbo to mothers tring to see if their daughters are in danger of this happening to them, since they had the vaccination their doctors so highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

I am a worried mom. My 20 year old daughter has had an increase of headaches now diagnosed as migranes. She has has a recurring staph infection and just had an abnormal pap test. She has only had 2 pap tests as she was 19 for her first to get on Yaz to help with increased severe acne and PMDD. All after her final gardasil injection. She has moments of anxiety, depression and confusion. We've just changed primary care physicians because our family doctor of 20 years doesn't think any of these issues are connected. We have had all types of cancer in our immediate family from breast, cervical, colon, pancrease....We thought we were doing a good thing to have her get Gardasil, but now we are scared with every new infection, headache, or phone call from our daughter. It's almost as if she has Alzheimer's - she can't remember things, even simple things. She is so frustrated and we are afraid for her. She has another doctor's appointmenton Thursday with her GYN to decide if they will do a colposcopy, Cone or Leep procedure. She is trying to get through finals at college and work a part time job. I just spoke with her and my advice is that her health is first. Thank you for providing this area for comments. Worried Mom.

Anonymous said...

We are experiencing a similar situation. My daughter is 19 and is a college freshman. She has been experiencing very painful headaches recently that we thought was due to a concussion. Now I'm beginning to wonder. How long after the last shot did your daughter start experiencing symptoms.

Nina said...

My daughter has been diagnosed with Epilepsy. She had a grand mal seizure 5 days after her first Gardasil shot and 2 more grand mal seizures 20 days after her second shot. Thousands of girls and young women across the country, Canada, Austrailia and the UK (although the UK vaccine is Ceravix) have experienced adverse reactions. Joint pain, migraines, seizures, are common.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is 18 and is having problems too. She passed out after the first Gardisil vaccine and hit her head getting a concussion. She stayed in bed for one week with severe headache and neck pain which we thought was from the concussion. The 2nd Gardisil vaccine sent her to bed with severe leg and back pain for a week. So I didn't get the third vaccine. She now has shooting pain down her hip and legs and has been diagnosed with Raynauds' where her toes turn blue. She is being tested for lupus this week. I have been reading where lupus is now being looked at as a side effect to the Gardisil vaccine.

Michelle Johnson said...

My daughter had the Guradisil vaccines and was just recently diagnosed with SLE Lupus and Raynaud's disease. I am so upset. I wish I would have read this blog before she got the shots.

Kristin said...

Michelle, I'm so sorry about your daughter's diagnoses. But don't focus on it being a Gardasil side effect, because that's not for sure--sometimes, as dire fate would have it, these things happen, and they're not necessarily connected to anything that we know of. Just focus on minimizing the disease. I would strongly recommend looking at some complementary therapies as well as following your doctor's advice. I don't know that much about lupus but I'd guess that turmeric and fish oil, plus a good form of meditation, are helpful.

Incidentally, my eldest daughter was recently diagnosed with Raynaud's and it isn't connected to either lupus or Gardasil. There have been some interesting studies in Alaska about retraining the blood vessels. I'd like her to do some kind of meditation as people have also seen success with that (makes sense--one of the medications for Raynaud's is BP meds, and we all know meditation lowers blood pressure) but she's not buying it so far!

Contact me privately at if you like, and try not to stress out too much over this. (I know, that's easy for me to say, and it's so hard when your child is hurting).

Please be sure to fill out a VAERS report and also the survey on Gardasil. If there is a connection, it will be researched more if a clear pattern emerges from 'anecdotal' reporting.

Anonymous said...

My daughter's acne began after her third shot and other symptoms appeared as well. She was diagnosed with Raynaud's as well as several other autoimmune disorders all around the same time, a few months after taking her final dose of Gardasil. She has been tested twice for Lupus and thank God, so far so good on her CBC. She has experienced leg pain making walking difficult at times. We have no family history of any of these autoimmune disorders. I never thought my government would be so deceptive in destroying my daughter as well as others all for the sake of mass profit for a pharmaceutical company. I’m disgusted to see how they have treated our daughters like lab rats. The more I’m researching the more I’m left dazed and confused on how this drug was ever passed and is still considered for administration. It at least helps me understand why my daughter has developed all of these mysteriously new symptoms over the last couple of years since receiving Gardasil. The guilt it leaves a parent for having done this to their child is unbearable!

One mad as he!! Mother!

Kristin said...

I'm really sorry about your daughter. Please don't blame yourself, though--parents do the best they can with the best advice that's out there, and sometimes things go wrong. Remember that if you hadn't got her the shot and then she developed cervical cancer, you'd be second-guessing yourself for that too. There are no risk-free choices.

Focus on getting her better. Alternative medicine and diet is often a good bet when Western medicines fail.

Don't forget to report all her issues to VAERS and include contact information. Do not rely on your doctor to do this unless you know him or her well.

Also, fill out a survey. The idea is to systematically aggregate information on an ongoing basis -- that can be immediately useful to consumers instead of waiting (sometimes forever) for drug companies to do a study. It is independent of the governement and drug companies.

Good luck. I hope she begins to recover quickly.

Anonymous said...

I am 22 and was recently diagnosed with scleroderma/CREST syndrome. My symptoms began shortly after getting the Gardasil vaccination and having a strange reaction to it. It has been very difficult to deal with all of the complications that my condition entails and it leads me to want answers. No one else in my family has any history of autoimmunity.

I recommend that those of you who say their daughter has Raynauds that they be tested for scleroderma. That was one of the symptoms that lead to my diagnosis.

Let us hope that they finally begin to properly test these vaccinations and drugs before pushing them on the public.

Kristin Johns said...

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your diagnosis--you must be devastated.Thank God the prognosis is reasonable, with care.

Could you e-mail me privately at I need to write an updated post about autoimmune disease and would love to include your input (anonymously if you prefer). That goes for anyone else with an autoimmune issue.

Incidentally, I'm not selling anything and don't have any miracle cures to offer--in general, I'm intrigued by alternative medicine but have no particular expertise in the matter. I am not at all anti-Western medicine but think it is often used recklessly and treats symptoms rather than underlying causes. My purpose here is (as a parent and writer) to gather information without sensationalism and misinformation, and to support people in asking questions.

Deb said...

I called into Coast-To-Coast AM a few minutes ago and talked with MD's and other healthcare/professionals against the mass vaccinating that is being planned for the swine flu this fall- I told them about my daughter developing severe Reynaud’s after her first gardisil shot.

How could you say Reynaud’s is not autoimmune or associated with the vaccine? Are you a MD? Pharmaceutical rep? Who are you?

Kristin Johns said...

Hi Deb--I didn't say that Reynaud's isn't an autoimminue issue; on the contrary.

I did tell other mothers who were beating themsleves up over getting their kids the shot that it wasn't necessarily caused by Gardasil--because it isn't. Reynauds DOES pop up in the population regardless of Gardasil. My own daughter has it and she hasn't had Gardasil, although she did get the other childhood vaccines, which I wonder about.

Mothers have a tendency to blame themselves for everything (as a mother I know this) and they shouldn't.

I strongly believe that it is very important to look into the possible connection between Gardasil and immune disorders, however. If you know of anything, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Due to the overwhelming positive publicity and our Dr.s recommendation my 18 year old daughter asked to get the Gardasil vaccine series prior to going off to college. she began experiencing unexplained weight-loss and unexplained back pain (for which we had an MRI, but received no conclusive diagnosis). In the summer after her freshman year her primary care physician noticed elevated blood pressure. Long story short she was diagnosed in Nov. 2008 with a rare autoimmune disease called Takayasu's arteritis. It causes inflammation of her large arteries. We feel fortunate that she was diagnosed due to the high blood pressure (this was because her renal arteries are 90% blocked with scarring and inflammation). Our primary was astute enough to question whether the Gardasil shots she recommended had been the cause. She reported the incident to the CDC. I recommend that anyone who thinks her daughter could be suffering side-effects from the shots do the same. They aren't going to stop giving these things unless people report on their own.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, How can these adverse affects not be connected to the vaccine when the occurences are so common?! A coincidence? I think not. I'm sorry your daughter has Raynaud's. She just happens to be one case of autoimmune disease not connected to the vaccine. And yes, holistic medicine is an excellent adjunt for AD as I am using it for Myasthenia Gravis. But studies are showing that there is a higher percentage of cases involving adverse effects from Gardisil than there are cases of cervical cancer, the vaccine is NOT 100% effective, and booster shots may be required after about 5 years. Before girls and women are so freely pushed to expose their bodies to new chemicals, it is our doctors' jobs to warn us of the long and short term side-effects. Too bad they never told us of such things!

Kristin Johns said...

Where do I say autoimmune disease isn't connected to Gardasil? I'm confused! k

Anonymous said...

When I was a high school senior, Gardasil was very new on the market. My mom was very enthusiastic about the drug since her best friend died around 40 years old due to cervical cancer. I was pretty enthusiastic too, since it was being advertised as "a drug to prevent cancer." I mean, if you could vaccinate against CANCER, then why not?

Well, I finished my round of vaccines in October 2006. Around that time, I started getting VERY sharp pains around the back of my head, like being hit with a baseball bat. January 2007 I fell extremely ill with sores, and eventually I had arthritis-like and meningitis-like symptoms. After 5 months of tests and 6 specialists, one of my doctors came up with the diagnosis of Behcets Syndrome.

I do NOT have any family history of ANY autoimmune disease, and before this incident I had been a tournament-winning tennis player. I am now a college junior and still am angry about how misleading Merck was about their safety claims. My quality of life has been dramatically changed by this vaccine and Merck's greediness and I don't think I'll ever forgive them.

LeeAnne said...

Wow...I just found this blog and can relate to all of it. Our story is a long one and I don't have time to type it right now...but the short of it is my extremely healthy 15 year old had the shots after the pediatrician recommended them. For 3 YEARS we struggled with alarming illness...alot of the sypmtoms described here...totally impacting her life. Her pediatrician never really acknowledged that anything was wrong...I went around her to get my daughter to see specialists because I knew THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG. She had all these sypmtoms of autoimmune diseases but the blood markers never came back positive. But many, many of the same things I see posted here. A friend finally asked me about Gardasil and I realized that all this happened after the shots....Anyway, my pediatrician does not believe it is linked...I am not sure how to handle that. I have no support from her at all. Of course, we will not be going back to her, but I still want to report what has happened. Not sure what to do from here.

Kristin Johns said...

I'm so sorry that you and your daughter have been going through all this. It has to be harder knowing that something is wrong, but not what it is.

You can, and should, file a VAERS report yourself. Be very specific and be sure that you leave correct contact information. Also put a report on and NVIC's questionaire. Your daughters' problems may or may not be related to Gardasil, but the only way anyone will find out is if they have sufficient data to work from.

I'm sorry that your doctor isn't being supportive. She may truly not think there is a connection, or she may not want to. Imagine how hard it would be to think that something you recommended caused such pain. And I just had a long discussion about Gardasil with our gyno and she said, well, spend two weeks in my shoes and you'd get her the shots. (She was respectful of my opinions, which is why I like her.)

Email me any time and let me know what's going on.

Vicki said...

My 17 yr old niece was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in which her symptoms started to appear after her 2nd dose of Gardasil. The symptoms grew severe after her 3rd dose during which time she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease not seen in girls her age and with no family history of autoimmune disease. We need to do something now and band together to get expert physicians researching not only the cause but what can be done! I found a yahoo group which is working to get publicity and information so that no more girls will be afflicted and to get research in to what can be done to help our already wounded and suffering girls. It seems our girls have much the same symptoms but neurologists and rheumatologists do not have the answers. Here is the yahoo group Lets_Talk_about_Gardasil . I would also encourage everyone to notify the CDC and the media as well as report the incidence to your OB/GYN. I will be sending letters to Oprah on a weekly if not daily basis until the world hears the cries of our girls!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is 19,and was very active in Highschool. She was in Marching Band, Track, Cross Country, Cheer Leading and Wrestling. She had the shot and now she has been diagnoised with Rheumatoid Arthrtis which is an autoimmune disease. There are days she is in so much pain she cannot walk, we spend alot of time at Dr's and Emergencey rooms. Her Rheumatoligst says she has the body of a 60 year old women. Please do your research before you allow your daughters to get the shot. I wish I had.

Anonymous said...

I am 24 years old and got a mysterious case of rhematoid arthritis in my feet after getting Gardisal vaccine. It was 4 months later but who knows?! I am on all these medications now and I can barely walk. Please don't get this vaccine!

Anonymous said...

10 years ago, I had a patch of morphea. It did not grow or change in size, just stayed on the right side of my chest. 6 years later, I received all my Gardasil shots, and I am convinced it sparked an auto-immune reaction in my body. My morphea started spreading, from my chest all the way down to my toes, making sure not to skip any body part. I had to see 6 different doctors, undergo Pure Ultraviolet Light Radiation Therapy or (PUVA) to help arrest the disease. My skin looks ridiculous. Half of it is white, half of it is tanner. My mom made me get the Gardasil shots because our doctor recommended them. I did not want any of them! And now, I am convinced this vaccine spurred an auto-immune reaction inside my body, because Morphea is just that, an "auto-immune disease." Did anyone else have any similar experiences?

Cybee et al said...

Just have to say, I have read numerous e-sites wherein people comment about very serious side effects from gardasil. It very much concerns me and the fact that perhaps less than 10 percent of adverse rx are reported to VEARS (look at article above to see the name, as I now can't see it but appears to be the place to report adverse rx to , that and the CDC (if different)). So DO report these reactions so that this vaccine is better understood and proper warnings/or revisiting of the benefits/risks of this drug are properly done NOW before others suffer. Best wishes to you all!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog......I am 26 years old and after my 2nd shot of Gardisal (two years ago) I developed severe Raynauds and Scleroderma. I had not made the connection until last night and will be discussing with my doctors ASAP. I have no family history of auto immune disease. The Raynauds is a terrible nuisance and has prevented me from going anywhere without wool lined gloves, wool socks and a heavy jacket (even in summer). The scleroderma is yet to rear its ugly head, and at the moment is just a diagnosis based on my blood work and a few callous on my fingers. I understand the chances of an adverse reaction to the Gardasil vaccine are slim - but they do exist and need to be considered. Now that I have this knowledge, I think I still would have taken my chances and had the vaccine as the benefits out-weigh the chances of an adverse reaction. I will never know if I was destined to have scleroderma and Raynauds (with or without the vaccine) but I think it is important that more research is done in relation to the side effects.

Kristin Johns said...

Thanks for your comment, and I'm so sorry about the Raynaud's and scleroderma. You're right; who knows about a connection, but the more data (accurate data!) people submit to VAERS, the more easily researchers will find any connection there is. I posted today about Gardasil and seizures--two years ago, VAERS showed no interest in one reader's experiences with Gardasil until a year later when she wrote an exasperated letter to the committee considering Gardasil for boys. This month, another mother whose child developed a seizure disorder after vaccination got a very fast response from VAERS and a comment about how the condition could well be an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

Evidence mounts up. PLEASE submit a report to VAERS as well as to RateADrug. com. Doctors who discourage filing VAERS reports because the literature doesn't yet show a connection do noone any favors.

Incidentally, do check back in here, or email me at, as I'll soon be posting information about a project on Raynaud's. You may well want to take part.

Ralph said...

My 17 yo daughter had the gardasil vaccine in March and developed RA in June. There is a definite relation. the disease is progressing rapidly and she went from a healthy girl to being incapacitated and on dozens of drugs.

Anonymous said...

"If you really want to protect against the strains of HPV that cause 70% of cervical cancers"

uh, if thats what you REALLY want, then don't have sex with someone who has HPV.

(the follow up to the above if it isnt obvious, is save sex for marriage ,WHOA, that's CRAZY TALK)

Kristin Johns said...

That usually works as long as BOTH partners are willing to wait and are absolutely honest with each other. The approach works without a ceremony, too. A committed, faithful relationship works just as well.

But don't forget, HPV is passed skin-to-skin, so not having actual sex but going the 'heavy petting' route can pass it on, too. And even non-abused babies have tested positive for HPV. So darn, keep that immune system healthy regardless!

Kellie said...

I'm 21 years old and I received the Gardasil shot when I was 18, right before I left for college. By the end of my freshman year I could barely put my arms above my head. I was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and now I can barely walk. If anyone has more information on this subject please contact me on my facebook page.

Kristin Johns said...

Kellie, I'm terribly sorry. You don't say if you've made the report to VAERS and another to Merck, being sure to include contact info, but I hope you've done so. It's extremely important. Also, include your info on a RateADrug survey.

Does your doctor believe there's a connection or not?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everyone's comments. My 13 year old daughter has had morphea and a whole bunch of other auto immune issues. She hasn't had a flare in over a year. I'm so glad I researched this shot prior to her yearly visit tomorrow. Our pediatrician said that he would insist I get it this visit. I have been putting it off for years. I will certainly insist against it after reading there might be a connection to this flaring auto immune disorders.

kissame_77 said...

I was 16 when I got the shots healthy as could be no allergies to anything and then a year after the thrid shot I was told I had hashimotos thyroiditis and a year after that I was hospitalised for two weeks and told I had ITP a blood autoimmune disorder. My mom feels horrible for having me get the shot, I feel like my life is gone.

Kristin Johns said...

I'm so terribly sorry--but please don't think that your life is gone. It may seem crappy right now, but once you get on top of your medical conditions (are you on Nplate per chance?) things will get better. I do hope you've reported all this to VAERS, Merck, and I know I sound like a broken record but it's important.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is 14, and just received her first injection of gardisil about 3-4 months ago. Since she has had serious "belly issues" which we thought may be from an acne medicine she was taking. Also, her knuckles on her hands periodically have been turning blue. No pattern, it can happen after she has eaten, not eaten, when she is warm, when she is cold, etc. She is very fatigued. Ihave a Dr's appt in a few days. Concerned Mom

Kristin Johns said...

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's problems--do check with your doctor about Reynaud's, although it doesn't sound likely it's that with the blueness affecting her knuckles rather than her fingers. I hope you find some good answers. email me at gardasilhpv@gmail if I can help you with any info.

Anonymous said...

Please consider getting tested for Lyme disease. Symptoms are very similar to what you are all describing. I've been sick with Lyme for over 3 years and just recently heard about this possible connection. I got the vaccine just before I began to get sick. Good luck to all

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis within 6 months of the third shot of Gardasil. The reason my mother suggested I go to see a doctor was because we were celebrating after I received my acceptance letter from Pratt Institute. I had planned on attending for Fine Arts. She grabbed my hand, fingers between my own and I cried out in pain, falling to the ground. There is no history of R.A. in my family. My doctors were baffled. I have a very extreme case for an 18 year old. Within those six months after the vaccine, perhaps even a few months in between the first and second, I had developed arthritis in my hips, knees, hands, ankles, and shoulders. I regret everything about that shot. I wish, more than anything, that there was more known about it when I received it. I would have faced the possibility of cancer. This is something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. As an artist, one who works completely with their hands, the pain is always immense. This Vaccine should be banned.

Donna G said...

My daughter received these shots when she was 17. Shortly after she started with a multitude of autoimmune symptoms. First it looked like lupus, then RA. She went from being a healthy athletic young woman, to an old woman. She has had all kinds of tests and all are inconclusive except for Reynauds, which is actually the least of her issues. All of her joints hurt, she cannot lift her arms up to put a shirt on without pain. Is constantly fatigued, tired and depressed. This has been the most frustrating, devistating 3 years of this families life.
When the commercials first bombarted the airwaves with fear about getting this shot or cancer, I like other mothers believed because of the propaganda that I was doing the right thing. I do not recall one of the side effects being autoimmune problems. Autoimmune problems did not show up until about a year later when the occasional commercial hit the tv.
As one of the other mothers stated, I too feel deceived & lied to regarding this shot.
I tell everyone my daughters story and not to get this shot!
God Bless these young women who were indeed lab rats!
I too feel the pain and guilt of making the wrong choice for my lovely young daugher.
Donna G.

Anonymous said...

Our daughter developed lupus and RA soon after the 3rd gardasil vaccine. She's had several seizures in the past as well. When will they pull this vaccine?!!!

Carrie Gimbel Dillon said...

I saw a youtube video this morning regarding the Gardasil Side Effects and was taken aback. I was a very healthy woman when I received the shots. I made through 2 of the 3 shots. I couldn't get the 3rd b/c I was sick (had a cold or something). My OBGYN allowed me to have the shots at the age of 32, stating that they only give it to the younger women b/c they are sexually active. Because I was 32, unmarried, and still active with different partners, they thought that I was still a good candidate. I became ill from a range if issues, from breathing problems, pleurisy,joint pain, and other issues. After seeing 4 different doctors, it was found out that I had a "connective tissue disease", an "auto immune disorder", then "Lupus Erythematosus", but my body never shows the lupus anti-coagulant. For the last 2 years I have been going down hill, lost my job, on welfare so that I can have some sort of medical care and prescription plan and waiting to see if I can get on Disability, with hopes of going back to work. Right now they have me on a chemotherapy treatment to try to make the Lupus quiet down. But now, I see this Gardasil situation, and I don't feel any better, because they have less information than Lupus for patients to get better. Did Gardasil give me lupus? Or do I have a Gardasil disease? The timing of the shot and illness onset is just too earily on que. I thought I was doing something that would save my life, but apparently, I was wrong.

I would like people to put down their different problems that they have encountered or what their daughters have encountered. Information is key to getting to the bottom on the problem
I have a facebook page, please feel free to friend me, (just write in the note section Gardasil). In my facebook page I have a link for lupus patients and family members. If gardasil made them sick and gave them an auto immune disease, I'd like you to join me. I'm a whistle blower, (when I'm not down for a few days from the chemo).

Good luck, and I hope to see you all and learn more about this problem.

Carrie Gimbel Dillon

Kristin Johns said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your illness--but don't forget to fill out a VAERS report and inform Merck, being very sure to include contact information. Also fill out a RateADrug survey. I hope you can find some answers soon.

Carrie Dillon said...


Thank you for that information. I wasn't sure where to go from here. I'm also going to request my records from my OBGYN and just look at my timeline very carefully. My mother is speaking with people as well. I'd like an answer to all this, but what scares me is this; there is less information about the Gardasil side effects and what to do, than the help I have been getting with the Lupus. I've been getting worse over the months and years. And as I noticed, this is a fairly new finding. Thanks to people like yourself, people like me may be able to find some answers.

Kristin Johns said...

Carrie, your illness may or may not be associated with Gardasil. However, I can virtually guarantee that your doctor will say that there's no way it is anything to do with the vaccine as most doctors simply don't question vaccine safety (and let's face it, most are relatively safe, although there are some clear issues that do come up). Many women I've spoken to have said that their doctors have been unwilling to fill out VAERS forms. If so, it's perfectly easy to do it yourself; just be SURE that you give good contact info. VAERS doesn't work without sufficient data--so don't worry about 'proving' that your illness was caused by Gardasil; just give them the correct info and they'll eventually sort it all out. You can also search the database for similar cases.

Good luck; I hope you get your health back. Email me any time at

Anonymous said...

My daughter was a healthy 15 yr old before getting her first Gardasil shot. Within 2 weeks she was having severe joint pain & she feels like someone is hitting her in the neck with a baseball bat. She became severely depressed from the pain & not being unable to do the normal things a 15 yo does. The ANA test came back positive & the doctor put her on prednisone & plaquil. The steroids helped with the pain, but made her mentally unstable, she felt suicidal & had severe Anger attacks. We had to take her off those medications to tackle the depression & mood swings & now we are back to dealing with the pain. I have Lupus & we have autoimmune disease in our family & if I'd known there was a link I don't think I would have risked it. I feel terrible. Hind site is 20/20

Anonymous said...

I am living in the hell because I was the one who told my dauhgter to get the vaccine. I wish our doctor had never recommended it to us. After I read people's stories I noticed that everything happened in my daughter in last year after she got the vaccine are very similar. She was a highly competitive athlete but after the shot everything changed. She felt tired all the time, had a blacked out, can't sleep well, could not breath well. We thought she was just making excuses for not performing well in her sport. We even took her to her doctor to check her conditions and test blood. Everything was normal. We could not believe the result. But after I read all sideaffectes in here, I believe my daughter was suffering the sideaffects of Gardasil. She quite the sport. Is she going to be ok? Do we have to concern any symptoms as sideaffect in the future? I know if something wrong happens on her, doctors would say no proof or relationship with the vaccine. But I would like to know what type of symptoms I need to watch on her. I have been praying for her health every moment. I wish I knew more about the vaccine before she got one or doctor did not recommend it to us.

Anonymous said...

I have a 13 year old daughter and she was given her three Gardasil vaccinations over the last year. Anyway 2 months ago she developed what was just diagnosed as Reynaud’s syndrome. As a result of that diagnosis they took a blood test and her ANA level was 1:240, with normal being 1:40. We have just been referred to a Rheumatologist for follow up. After doing some research I am scared to death about what I am reading. My wife was not informed of these risks. I understand that Gardasil has not been OFFICALLY linked to any autoimmune diseases but after reading all the strikingly similar issues being reported by women have been given the Gardasil vaccination I am having a really hard time understanding why these concerns were not explained to my wife at the time she was advised to have my daughter vaccinated. We see the Rheumatologist next week and I will absolutely post again when I have more information and updates about my daughter.

Kristin said...

Please let me know what the rheumatologist says. I strongly recommend reporting your daughter's experience to VAERS when you have an account of any possible issues. Stick to the facts.

Any vaccine is risk versus reward. Unfortunately, Western medicine always focuses on the reward and barely acknowledges risk. In Gardasil's case, the reward is over-stated for girls who will get regular check-ups and do not choose to compromise their immune system through smoking, poor diet etc.

As parents, we have to understand that no choice is perfect. Although we've declined Gardasil for our own kids, we did just get Menactra for the oldest, off to college. The risk of meningitis is frankly tiny, but the disease is so swift and so potentially devastating that we went for it, even knowing the slight history of autoimmune disease in the family.

Imagine my horror if she developed side effects. Imagine my horror if she didn't get the vaccine and died or lost a limb to meningitis! Yipes. We all just do the best we can.

Good luck, and please let me know. Email directly to

Anonymous said...

My daughter rec'd only one of Gardasil injections in 4/09. Looking back she has been very tired and seemed to keep an allergy/cold most of the time. She began having severe headaches just before Christmas 2010. They have remained constant since 12/31/11am until now. Medical dr, neurologist, scans, etc. could find no reasonable cause. In April, 2010, she began having extreme trouble sleeping. In May, 2010, she began having swollen joints all throughout her body. Medical dr referred her to a rheumatologist who diagnosed her with Rheumatoid Arthritis, ANA Auto-immune disease, Systemic Visceral Involvement,Fatigue Malaise, TMJ Syndrome. Anticardiolipin Ab Syndrome, and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. You can only imagine the tests, medications, etc. that she has had to go through, not to mention the severe pain and discomfort. At first, I had no idea what could have caused this to happen to my daughter. Then, the rheumatologist made a comment in response to my daughter's question, "Is any of this hereditary?" His answer was, "Yes & no. You, your mother, father, grandparents, etc. could have the same gene in their dna, which links to this. But, something triggered your's to become active, thus creating these issues within your body. He said it could be medications, vaccines, environmental issues, preservatives in foods, or other things." (Please note, the quotes are used in reference to what I recall as his spoken words, but are not used as a direct quote from him.) At that time, I didn't make any connection. This past weekend, it hit me like a ton of bricks! I hadn't been researching anything at all. I was just praying for my daughter's condition. I immediately thought of the Gardasil injection and, at that time, had no recollection of the timing of her injection. I began google searching and was astounded at what I found! Could all of this be related to my daughter's condition? What had I done, by allowing her to have this shot? So many thoughts were going through my mind. I found your blog early in my search & appreciated your research and time. I also saw where there had been very little mention of the auto-immune diseases & you had wanted more info. So, I'm sharing this with you and your readers, hoping that some day, some way, we can all have hope that something can and will be done. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

These stories are horrific and tragic, and I'm so sorry for all of you who are suffering. In case you haven't checked, Merck manufactures a plethora of drugs to treat rheumatoid arthritis and various other autoimmune diseases! Also, if you start looking up the the ingredients, and methods and rules(or lack of) governing the development of vaccines, you will be in for some shocking surprises, as I was. It appears that this is not the only vaccine causing SERIOUS, LIFE THREATENING, and LIFE ALTERING diseases and problems. Thank you for sharing your stories with the rest of us, so we may all be better informed and aware.

Anonymous said...

I received all gardasil shots when I was around the age of 12-14 I am now 20. When I got pregnant with my son my obgyn pointed out that my cervix had scarring an had asked if I ever had surgery or any abnormal pap smears which I had not. Also after receiving the shots I develop mental health problems diagnosed as severe depression/bipolar an generalized anxiety disorder... Could this be linked to the vaccines?

Anonymous said...

see that all these women are 16 and older... you are supposed to be around the age of 13 to get the shot... the shot at that age does come with risks and you should've known that!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, my now 15 year old granddaughter took the Gardasil vaccines, only because she had a scheduled appointment that her step-dad took her to that day and the doctor approached him that it was recommended and asked him to sign for her to get the vaccines and he didn't even understand what it was about but signed for it and so, even though her mom and I were upset about it, we took her in to finish the series since she already had the first one. Now 3 years later, she has piercing migraine headaches and mysterious muscle aches and pains and memory problems. I am worried and very angry about this as well.

Kristin Johns said...

I'm sorry to hear that your grandaughter is having problems, but bear in mind that they may well be related to hormones--the migraines in particular. Talk to her doctor about that. Migraines can also be related to insufficient sleep and/or water intake etc., which, let's face it, are both pretty common with teenagers! If you feel strongly that the problem is related to Gardasil, discuss a possible report to VAERS with her doctor.

Anonymous said...

My 19 year-old daughter had the first 2 gardasil shots when she was 17. She too was perfectly healthy and active in school. She had to drop out of cheerleading, band, and track due to her change in appetite, weight loss, trouble breathing, and sudden onset of arm and leg pain. Now she has started having horrible headaches, trouble concentrating and memory loss. She has a hard time expressig what she wants to say because she loses her train of thought as she is speaking. She was never like this before. She has been to the Dr. maybe twice since she was 4 years old with strep throat but nothing more. She used to have a huge appetite and now she struggles to maintain anywhere between 95 to 99 lbs. She has yet to see 100 lbs. She has also begun having panic attacks. Her headaches are so horrible that she can hardly function or even eat during these episodes, which the last one lasted for weeks before the pain let up. She has another Dr. appt. this week and I pray he can help her find relief from these headaches and suggest something for the memory loss. That is my greatest concern. She is struggling in college and wanting to quit because she can't retain anything she reads. This is not my daughter. I relate all of this to the gardasil vaccine and I wish she had never received it. My youngest daughter will not.

joe skaggs said...

My daughter is 17 and a senior in high school.approximately 9 days after her first shot she had her first seizure. She had always been healthy and had no medical problems. Now its been two years and her seizures continue the worst one so far just this week end. She is depressed and has headaches 3 or four times a week. This vaccine was made to sound as if it was a god was anything but and has changed my once happy healthy daughter into someone misserable and unhappy with life.

Anonymous said...

At this point, I do believe Gardasil can be a trigger. I think they take the approach of - for the greater good, allow a few to fall.

It seems like I had arthritis triggered by Gardasil. It acted a lot like Palindromic Rheumatism/Rheumatoid Arthritis - but it's a lot better now. All of my symptoms began aggressively 11 days after I received the shot (10 days is the usual onset). The first doctor I saw in an emergency room told me he thought it was from the shot, although I wasn't as sure until recently when my symptoms have started improving. I am going to file a claim with the VICP.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad your symptoms are resolving. Best to file reports so that data can be compiled. Hopefully, eventually others will be spared from the potentially terrible and life changing side effects of the vaccine.

angiev said...

My 15 year old daughter's health has completely changed for the worse since taking the shots. It started with back pain and eventually moved into each and every joint on her body. She's lost a year and a half of her life, lying in bed when she should be out with her friends enjoying life. If I find out that Gardasil caused this, I will be furious!

Pamela Parker said...

My daughter has had problems since given the shots in October of 2008 her freshman year of college. College has been a trainwreck for a PERECTLY NORMAL HS cheerleader that went off to college with a 4.0 GPA.....Aches, pains, forgetfulness, anxiety (attempted to be treated through a psychiatrist and social work)missed class, explosive temper, a bout with bulemia, and consistent knee joint pains and "growing pains" in her legs. SOMETHING is not right! DO NOT allow your child to be given Gardasil. IT is not worth the risk. We do not have a family history of any of this stuff!

Sarah said...

I had my last injection in 2007 I didn't join the dots at the time but I started coming out in hives a few
Days after my second treatment. My mother and I thought it was just stress ( I was In my final year of high school) but the hives just kept getting worse they would come and go on a daily basis. I was tired and had head aches all the time. It has been five years since I have been diagnosed with immune confusion disorder and I am still suffering with the horribly red and itchy hives. I take eight tablets a night one they give to those who are being treated with chemo. I can't spend time in the sun and still find it embarrassing and hard to deal with. I would just like to let you know for those of you who are dealing with the same issues, you are not alone and as hard as it is we can all get through it! Hoping for a brighter less red future.

Anonymous said...

I received my Gaurdisil vaccine 2 years ago, around the same time I started getting symptoms. This past summer I was finally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I wish I would have known this back then. I can't even lay back now without the room spinning. I'm only 25 but a big chunk of my life's enjoyments are now gone.

Anonymous said...

I hear you all, I was so angry when I joint the dots, and found that this vaccine could have been the cause of my early osteoarthritis (in my spine), I had symptoms that I never related after having the shots 4-5 years ago. Now I am 29 and I have a condition that is normally seen in people over 60! I feel for all the young women out there, many so much younger than me. Don't let this ridiculous health system fill you with drugs! Do some research, there has been many cases of children affected by vaccines, and then were diagnosed with autism, in which the mothers have been able to bring their children back to health with natural therapies, and a healthy diet. The heavy metals that were shot to our bodies causing damage can be removed, and our immune system can be kicked back into motion.
I have changed my diet drastically, to a strict vegetarian and gluten free diet, and I have seen a lot of improvement, who knows it could work for you too.
Also to the lady that says was diagnosed with MS, look into the Gerson therapy, it might help you.

Keep fighting! Never loose hope!

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,

I feel for each and everyone of you. My 14 year old is one of the Gardasil victims as well. She too suffers from an auto-immune disease in that every joint in her body hurts all the time. She is enver without pain. She was a high performing athlete as well, track star, competitive dancer, rep soccer player and today can barely walk. She's been cleared by 5 doctors, no cancer, no arthritis, no lupus....but when doctors son't know they don't want to deal with you anymore.
Anyway the one thing for her which might be a common facftor for some of you, is that she has a heavy metal allergy, which more then likely triggered the auto-immune response. There is a treatment called Chelation Therapy that rids your body of all heavy metals. We have started down that road now, as well as the naturalpath thing. Luckily we have found a doctor in Toronto Canada that is a medical doctor who practices in naturalpathy as well. (a rarety!).
My goal now is to 1) get her better and back to doing all the things she loves and 2) stop others from becoming a victim like her and all of you. There is strength in numbers and I think with enough pressure on our governments, health officials and Merck we can prevent this or better yet get the damn vaccine taken off the market.
I feel for each and everyone of you, I cry just thinking about how my own child is suffering and know the pain that you and your loved ones are feeling. I wish I could turn back the clocks so she never would have had that vaccine.
Good luck in each of your journeys and I hope you find relief and answers.
PS if you are interested I have set up a blog page on FB for my daughter "Kaitlyn's journey to fight back against PGS-Post Gardasil Syndrome"

Anonymous said...

I had auto-immune problems beginning in early childhood and have dealt with them throughout my life. I was diagnosed with HPV in my early 20's. (FYI to one of the posters who suggests "saving yourself for marriage" - that doesn't work if after marriage your spouse has extramarital in my case! So please don't think that HPV only affects promiscuous women and keep your judgmental attitude to yourself!!!). After dianosis my GYN recommended the vaccine and I have not had any side effects. I took all three shots and that was 7 years ago and now my HPV has developed into precancerous cells and I am undergoing my 3rd LEEPS next month. I am now trying to pick the lesser of two evils for my daughter. I see the risk of Gardasil through your posts, but KNOW the pain and humiliation of HPV / High Grade Dysplasia. Can anyone provide statistics for girls 12 who have had side effects versus those who have not?

Anonymous said...

I got all 3 of the shots and I would like to know the long term side effects because, the doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with me, and I am only 19 should not have these problems I have a lump and pain under my belly button doctor mentioned tumor but wont do tests to rule it out or see if that is it. It hurts worse when i eat food begins to digest and things like that they did ultrasound all oregans are working according to the ultra, but it is all getting worse and when i get moving around and picking stuff up and being active it makes me really sick tired and more and it isnt appendisitis or a hernia. I would like to know if the gardasil shot could be my whole problem and if there is a way to fix it if it is. If you have any answers please help..

Anonymous said...

I'm a guy with very little chance of getting HPV however from time to time I could catch it from a girl and I do not want prostate cancer. So what's the big problem give it to guys also.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to mention something in the hopes it might help for some parents and women reading here, especially considering the indications that this vaccine may trigger auto-immune diseases. If your daughter has symptoms after this vaccine, with no known cause, another auto-immune disease that you might wish to test for is Celiac Disease. It is still new to the scene, research-wise, so doctors don't usually test for it. However, it can cause seizures, brittle bones, migraines, and many other of the symptoms that some of these girls have reported. Not that I think it would always be this, obviously, but considering how rarely doctors test for this (because they rely on outdated information on symptoms), most girls who develop this auto-immune disease are unlikely to get a diagnosis and help. This site has a good list of symptoms, for those interested:

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for taking the time to tell your stories...
I guess I am behind because I had no idea about all of this! After a friend mentioned it last night, I came home & did some research. My granddaughter is just 11yrs old and has an appointment this morning for her school physical and update her shots. Guardasil will not be one of them! Until further research is done or some changes are made, I think I will wait on this one...
Prayers to all the girls and parents who are suffering!

Christina McClelland said...

I received the Gardasil vaccine after my first child when I was 24 years old and after being constantly sick for over a year, going to this doctor about this and this other doctor about that, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus last March. It has been hell to say the least with very little ease and very few "Ok" days. I am 26 years old living with Lupus with so many questions and not enough answers.

Anonymous said...

I received the gardasil shots when i was in college. After that i would always get headaches and low energy. Just recently i was diagnosed with SLE Lupus, Hashimotos disease, Raynauds disease, APALS and a few other auto-immune diseases. I had to have my spleen removed because of this too. it has caused a ton of stress in my life as well!

Melanie Graham said...

I as well had bad reactions to it. I got it about 4 years ago and lost weight, had strange rashes and then later on found out i had kidney scarring and damage. About a year later i developed a bad case of rhematoid arthritis

Anonymous said...

my healthy, athletic 18 yo daughter received all 3 injections as recommended by her pediatrician prior to leaving for college to run track and cross country. One year later she collapses during a run, hives, facial swelling and probable seizure. after extensive testing and multiple doctor visits, dx with autoimmune Hashimotos, Raynauds, PCOS and possible lupus. continues with s/s of headaches, hives, fatigue, joint pain, panic attacks. Hate myself for encouraging the Gardasil vaccine. I am a nurse and thought I was doing the right thing. wish I knew what I now know.. just awful!

Anonymous said...

I'm 23 and received the shot at the age of 14. Two days after the shot I was in the hospital, with major reactions. A few months later I had a seizure. And I've had bad headaches and seizures on and off since then, but my EKG was text book.

By age 16 I was having issues with my menstrual cycle, it became so bad I was placed on BC to help ease the pain. At age 18 I was taken off the BC because it wasn't helping anymore only making the situation worse. I battled with painful periods for years until last year when my cysts and pain became so bad I was passing out. I was placed back on BC, which helped until a few months ago.
Aside from the constant menstrual/female pain I also have developed a heart issue. Causing an irregular heart beat, and palpations with a rapid pulse.
I'm not the only girl who has these symptoms and side effects of the Gardasil shot!
I have finally found help in a homeopathic doctor, and she is slowly able to reverse the damage and help my body heal.
This shot is a monster!!! Don't give it to your children!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I just read about half of these comments and I am so uneasy about this. My 12 year old daughter already had the first dose of Gardasil. I wish I had read all this first. But now, do I stop the other 2 doses? Would it hurt her more not to get the other doses? Thought I was doing a good thing, but now I'm not so sure Extremely worried Mom.

Diane L said...

My son and daughter both had their 2nd Guardasil vaccine on December 26, 2013, and both had reactions. My 16 year old son has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome which has been under control through medication for years however following both injections, he was throwing up, nauseous, and motion sickness any time he was in a vehicle. He was better within a week though. However with my 12 year old daughter it was obvious to me that her sickness was poison in her body. She was violently ill for 4 days straight, then on and off for 2 months. Both kids had headaches and forgetfulness, however my daughter still has it 8 months later. Her spleen and liver were enlarged for about 5 months. She is now anemic and gets her menstral EVERY 2 weeks. We jean to put her on the birth control to help with the pain, clotting and frequency. No improvement so we just changed the BC. Prior to the vaccine, she was being treated for possibly PCOS; so definitely a 180 on her! She was just diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and I don't know what to do. She was prescribed Enbrel but I can't take her higher chance of cancer on top of all this. By the way, if you are wondering, my daughter also has a sulfa allergy. Since birth, she has had a heart murmur that hasn't changed. She also has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with hypermobility. I have reported everything to VAERS for both of my kids but need to update them on her latest diagnosis of JRA as we just found out last week.

Anonymous said...

My son was recently diagnosed with Onset Juvenile idiopathic systemic arthritis a month after his 2nd dose of gardasil. He suffered for 2 months while they tried to figure out what was wrong with him. Coincidentally I put it together that he received his gardasil in Oct and started his daily fevers and symptoms in Nov.

Ashley Ratner said...

I received the set of three gardasil shots at 16 years old. 6 months later I had severe appendicitis and almost died. I had constant gastrointestinal problems and at 19 years old I was diagnosed with IBS. After the birth of my first child at 21 my health deteriorated rapidly and was in and out of the hospital with no answers. I was eventually diagnosed with celiac disease after months of tests and misery. I have no doubts it was all caused by this awful vaccine and my children will never receive it and have to suffer the way I did.

Jill Anderson said...

My daughter, now 22, began having autoimmune issues shortly after receiving Gardasil. She was an extremely healthy child/teenager. Without having all of the dates here in front of me, a quick synopsis of her issues include back pain that has gone undiagnosed after many visits to an orthopedic doctor, an MRI that found no issues, and several tests for inflammatory diseases that turned up no positive results. She also found out that she had Graves Disease (an over active thyroid) and Celiac Disease. Both autoimmune diseases with no family history. My son, now 19 and also a very healthy child/teenager, began having issues soon after receiving Gardasil as well. He started suffering from severe stomach pain and after several visits to the ER over the course of about 6 months, ended up with an emergency appendectomy. During the course of the stomach pain, we also learned that he had Celiac Disease. A couple months after his appendectomy, he began having health issues which led to the diagnosis of Minimal Change Disease - a kidney disease associated with autoimmune issues. He has been very sick for over a year now and continues to undergo treatment to get his disease under control. Interestingly enough, my oldest son, now 25, never had the vaccine and never encountered any of the autoimmune diseases as a young adult that my two children who had the vaccine are encountering. A coincidence that my two, otherwise very healthy children, began to have autoimmune issues after having the vaccine? I think not. I will continue to research this topic and will be reporting our issues to the appropriate sources as well. DO NOT VACCINATE your children with GARDASIL!

Jayme Krista Craig said...

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rose said...

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Anonymous said...

Could you please provide your source for the clinical trial data that you provide? I am having a difficult time finding a study that corresponds to the statistics that you provided...11,813 females with 2 cases of rheumatoid arthritis, 5 cases of arthritis, 1 case of reactive arthritis, and 1 case of juvenile arthritis.

Anonymous said...

in 2009 my beautiful grandaugter got her last shot of gardisil, 3 months later she complained of joint pain ,then severe back pain ,headaches, lots of yeast infections, whole left side hurt her so bad she would cry ,had trouble sleeping she thought she was goin crazy,after many doctors and so many test, explortory surgery of stomach in 2011 -because of extreme cramps,my opinion is the shot wreaked havoc on her imuunne system.she gave up on life and killed herself with a gun her note said she just couldn't do this anymore I miss her so bad its been almost a year in august

Sliefert Natalia said...

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Anonymous said...

Sad that this very informative and helpful blog turned to pure crap in 2016 with all the moronic 'testimonies' about cures! This is not a site for you to receive free advertisement people; go sell your lies elsewhere!

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Eva said...

Hi Kirstin - could you give me the reference of the Study you reported about the 11,813 girls receiving the Gardasil vaccine please so I can read the full report?? My niece has developed Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter recently recived the HPV vaccine and then came down with Myasthenia gravis. She is only 16 and I am told this is uncommon for a girl her age. Is this a known side effect? Does anyone know if she should file suit for relief? HELP!