Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gardasil Side Effects

Although the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently stated that Gardasil is safe, over 10,000 side effects have been reported since it was approved by the FDA in June 2006. These include non-serious (94%) and serious side effects (6%). The most common non-serious events included fainting, pain and swelling at the injection site (the arm), headache, nausea and fever. Serious events experienced included Guillain-Barré Syndrome, blood clots in the heart, lungs, and legs, and 27 reports of death.

Serious events are defined as causing hospitalization, death, permanent disability, or a life threatening illness. According to the CDC there is no discernable pattern linking any serious events to the Gardasil vaccine. Despite the results of these studies, there are individuals who positively believe Gardasil has seriously damaged their health – in some cases permanently.

One girl and her parents believe Gardasil drastically changed her life for the worse. Before getting the Gardasil vaccine, she was an active high school athlete for the varsity lacrosse team. Upon getting the vaccine, she started to have pain in her arm where she got the shot. The pain eventually traveled down her arm and her legs so that she now has to take morphine to deal with the chronic pain caused by this autoimmune myofasciitis. Both her parents happen to be medical doctors and are wishing they had not been so trusting of this new vaccine (which they believe is unnecessary because HPV is more often than not a virus that causes no symptoms or health problems). Her father commented that, "as the father of three girls, I've had to ask myself why I let my eldest one get an unproven vaccine against a few strains of a nonlethal virus that can be dealt with in many more effective ways. It's not like they are at high risk. It was the regrettable acceptance of the vaccine party line that [mis]led me."

Three other girls, ages 12, 13 and 14, all experienced some type of paralysis after getting the Gardasil vaccine. One is permanently paralyzed, while another took a year of therapy to start walking again.

Since Gardasil is a new drug, it makes it difficult to know what the long-term effects will be and whether these current side effects are in fact caused by this vaccine or not. It may take decades to know all the consequences of this treatment and its true effectiveness. In the meantime, 25% of girls between 13 and 17 have already gotten this shot, and many more are being recommended to get it.

What do you think? Is Gardasil a safe and effective way to treat cervical cancer? What side effects have you experienced since getting the vaccine? Please leave a comment with your experiences!


Anonymous said...

With my first Gardasil vaccination I had a good deal of pain, comparative to a Tetnus shot. It lasted almost a few weeks before the area wasn't sore. The second round hurt much less but I also had a fever with aches, pains and chills. This lasted a day or so. The third shot was sore for a few days and left a good size lump in my arm around the injection site for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

My Daughter has been ill since Feb 4, 2008. Here are her symptoms. Rash on head neck and chest, low grade fever, almost daily vomitting, nauseau, low grade fever, kidney issues, severe abdominal and lower back pain. All tests have been negative, hospitalized twice.

I sent just a local email out to a few contacts talking about the symptoms, girls in our community Papillion, NE are suffering from similar side effects. How can we stop this from hurting other children?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't tested nearly enough! Why should we have to wait decades to find out what the long-term effects are? This drug NEEDS more testing desperately, especially since it is being pushed so hard on an unsuspecting public. For Pete's sake, some states wanted to make it a required vaccine and we don't even know what the long term effects may be? We cannot have 25% of young girls as our guinea pigs.

Anonymous said...

I had all three of my shots and I'm fine.

Anonymous said...

I feel like a bad mom because I haven't got the shots for my two daughters - their pediatrician is really pushing it. But I hear that the shots may not even be effetive for long; they just don't know, so what's the point?

Anonymous said...

My daughter had a lot of pain at the injection site, and the Dr. said it shouldn't last long. It lasted a couple of weeks. It's been a while (1year) and now she has had strange rashes on her chest, arms, face, and legs. I wonder if these are reactions to the shot, I feel like a bad mom because of getting her the shot. I figured with sexual relations and the kids of today, even if she remains a virgin, and marries a boy who slept with even 1 person who had the virus, & it prevented her from getting cervical cancer then it would be worth it. Supposedly it was thoroughly tested. She is 13, but I feel maybe I should have waited a longer time...I can't find much info online.

Anonymous said...

I am 27 years old.. .got the shot last year. the first one hurt so badly that I screamed!! I have a tattoo up my entire ribcage. I can take pain. I think it's a good vaccine..I have a friend who was afflicted with cervical cancer as a teens he's still dealing with the very dangerous disease. And the very real possibility that she may not be able to have children. I am not trying to deter anyone form getting the vaccine... but now, almost a year and a half after the first shot... I STILL have arm pain. I came upon this site, searching to see if others have long term arm pain. Maybe my doc did it wrong and hit a bone or something?? I don't know. But now 18 months later... I still have days where a spot on my arm (injection)swells, throbs and gets hot... It's an ache I can't fix. Has anyone heard of this?

Shelby said...

I got the shot in Novembber 2007. In Feburary i started vomiting daily, had high blood pressue, kidney issues, abdominal pain, headaches, was blacking out and many more symptoms. I was in and out of the hospital for about 3 months. I still to this day suffer the side effects of this horrible shot. Luckily I was one of the lucky few that found help right away. Though the medical doctors told me I was faking I started finding answers from a nutritionalist in Califronia. He has helped me get a lot better. If any mothers read this and need advice on how to help their daughter please email me at or my mother at If you dont need to get the shot dont…. it is not worth the risk. at least do the research before coming to your desicion.

Anonymous said...

I'm 26 and I just got my first shot a week ago. I've had pain at the injection site and now I have a lump on my arm. I've also been experiencing headaches and thought I would look I'm worried about getting the next one!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter (16 y.o.) received her shots over a year ago and has been experiencing abdominal pain since. We have tried all kinds of meds that don't seem to help and have had all kinds of tests that come out negative. I thought it was a good idea to get her vaccinated before she became sexually active and now I am regreting not waiting until it had been out longer to see what the potential side effects are. I am extremely frustrated and wish the CDC would listen to all of the parents who obviously have some legitimate concerns about these side effects. More testing needs to be done to find out what the hell is in this vaccine that is causing these girls such misery.

Anonymous said...

ok well my arm is hurting where i got the shot at and its been hurting for a month now what wrong with me................

Anonymous said...

I received my first shot over a month ago. At first I just had pain, which I thought was normal, but now I have a small painful lump at the injection site. I noticed it about 3 weeks ago. It has not gotten any smaller, and the pain has not gone away. If I touch it, I start to feel pain throughout my entire upper arm.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have any problems when I received my first shot. I received my second shot about 3 weeks ago. Now, I also have a painful lump at the injection site. I really hope it goes away. I really regret not researching about the shot before agreeing to take it...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, in recent years, Americans seem to have been embracing pharmacological remedies for a growing number of diseases. I am shocked, however, to read that more and more young girls and their parents are agreeing to take the Gardasil vaccine, intended to protect against human papillomavirus.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most commonly sexually transmitted infection, but there are other ways to help protect against HPV, abstinence perhaps? Being in a monogamous long-term relationship? These tactics are obviously not full-proof, but they can significantly lower vulnerability to HPV exposure.

There have been no long-term studies of the Gardasil vaccine; it only hit the market in June 2006. There have been no multi-generational studies conducted. Does it really matter what Gardasil can do to protect you now if it can potentially be fatal in the future?

Merck Pharmaceutical tried to get the FDA to approve Gardasil as a mandatory vaccine for 11 and 12 year old girls. If the FDA places a vaccine on its mandatory list, the creators are protected against any future negative side effects that are discovered. It’s no surprise that the FDA rejected Gardasil for that list or that Merck withdrew its request.

Don’t be a victim of the catchy and creative ad campaign for Gardasil. Don’t be “one less” anything. Be proactive and become one more woman who abstains from a vaccine we know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

I just went and had a look at the site advertised at the top of the blog. You just go through an anonymous questionaire about your meds. It seems like a good idea to gather up everyone's info together.

I put in my meds, but I didn't get the gardasil shot yet because I'm still thinking about it. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to get cervical cancer but I'm not so sure this shot is worth much.

It seems like a lot of people on this thread have painful lumps on their arm and other side effects, so if they all filled in the info maybe the CDC would look at that. I know I'm looking at it. Thanks for filling me in.

Anonymous said...

I will never, ever, allow my daughter (or son) to be given Gardasil. Before anyone even considers getting vaccinated with Gardasil, they should be tested to see if they already have HPV infection. Mothers can pass down HPV to their daughters and sons; HPV infection is not obtained only through sexual activity. If you are infected already, receiving Gardasil will actually increase your odds of getting cervical cancer. That is outlined in the pre-licensure testing done by Merck. This shot is also loaded with 225 mcq of neurotoxic aluminum per shot (x 3 shots = 675 mcg. in total). Nobody should have that much aluminum injected directly into their blood. Please do your own research before you consent to vaccination with Gardasil. I would urge you to check out the HPV vaccine report at Judicial Watch obtained the VAERS data only after submitting a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request to our government. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data is positively frightening on Gardasil, and is something all prospective Gardasil vaccinees should read.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the parents here refusing to vaccinate their children with Gardasil. Gardasil reports far less serious adverse events than the majority of vaccines. Most of the reported events on VAERS are anecdotal. If any official conclusions were drawn on the safety of Gardasil it would be immediately withdrawn. And while you may hope that education will be all that's required to keep your children safe from sexually transmitted infection, getting these shots before they are exposed to sexual contact will ENSURE that these strains are protected against to some degree, should your child not be perfect. They don't "deserve" HPV if they do what you consider to be the wrong thing. If they already have HPV as passed down from the mother, this will protect your children against other oncogenic strains of HPV. This reminds me way too much of the scare campaign linking vaccination with autism. It's been disproven time and time again but it seems parents would rather stand up against "big pharma" than protect their children against potentially deadly diseases. Even if it seems a tiny chance, limiting that chance could be the difference between life and death. This "cervical cancer sucks, but I don't want a sore arm" attitude is just incredible to me. A recent outbreak of whooping cough spreading through our local hospitals has reminded many of these parents exactly what it is they are defending their children against when they keep up with vaccinations.
Everyone who is complaining of a sore arm, it is completely normal. I hear chemotherapy is pretty unpleasant too, but you pick your battles.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree that sore arm versus cervical cancer is a no-brainer. If sore arms or fainting were the only issue, then my daughter would have already had the jab if I'd had to hold her down myself, as I have done with other shots.

I am far more concerned about the ever-increasing numbers of cases of paralysis, convulsions etc. I agree that those are a tiny percentage, but you have to wonder whether the risk is worth it, and in this case I don't think it is. If you read this site and any number of resports and studies you will see that there is a very good chance that this vaccine will not do the trick.

Contrary to your suppostitions, most mothers are well aware that their children will have sex (or are already having it) and need to be protected against HPV. However not everyone believes everything that a drug company tells them. Even one of the researchers who developed Gardasil thinks it all went way too fast.

I am glad you feel you can rely on the FDA to instantly make the conniections, prove them without a doubt, and pull the vaccine. Unfortunately, science is to some extent a matter of trial and error. If they can see a pattern, fine. If they can't, you're out of luck until knowledge advances.

Also, you might want to look at the clinical trial figures on what happens when someone who already has HPV gets the shot. I have no idea why they do not require an HPV test before giving it.

Anonymous said...

After my 2nd shot(it happened after my 1st one too), I was experiencing awful stomach aches along with fevers. It was happening a few times a week. It finally stopped a few weeks ago. Now that I got my third shot, it all came back. I'm feeling awful. I still can't even lift my arm. I'm not sexually active and I am planning on being a virgin until i'm married. i won't marry someone who has had sex either. This shot seems awful to me.

Anonymous said...

I got my first shot in Feb 09. My arm hurt pretty badly. I just got my 2nd shot 2 days ago. I woke up today with a horrible, itchy rash around the injection site. It is a nightmare. I compare it to chicken pox. The DR didn't even seem concerned though, and said to put warm compresses on it and to take benadryl. I am alarmed by all of these posts. I don't even know if I am going to get my 3rd shot. I hope this rash goes away!!

Anonymous said...

I got my third shot 10 days ago, and I'm trying to stray away from any hypochondriac notions, but my arm is still so sore that I can't lift it or pick things up. Even driving is making the pain worse. I mean, I can live, you know, but it's uncomfortable, and I yelp every time I change/shower/lift things, etc. Hopefully, it will recover soon and not spread to the rest of my body. These other posts are making me paranoid and skeptical about the true utility of the shot, though.

Kristin Johns said...

Thanks for all these comments--I am going to try to gather together all the "anecdotal" reactions so far from this site and from RateADrug (if you got the shot but haven't filled out the free RAD survey, this would be a great time to do it!) plus the updated statistics from VAERS etc. I'll then update this very, very outdated post.

Judging from the Jenny Tetlock case, "anecdotal" results are more efficient at uncovering potential side effects than VAERS. Personally I find that a little scary.

Anonymous said...

It seems you all are forgetting one basic research principle. Correlation does not equal causation. Just because an ill effect occur (something other than a sore arm perhaps), does not mean that Gardasil caused it.

While you have every right to have a blog like this, it does little to promote health. It only incites unnecessary fear.

Kristin Johns said...

No, of course correlation doesn't equal causation, and if you look at my more recent posts you'll understand that I don't believe that.

However, medical science is a very imperfect and poorly understood, um, science. Scientists frequnetly believe that they know all there is to know on a subject--until they discover that they don't.

I cannot begin to count the number of times my doctor has said to me, well, we used to think...but...

If you look at my recent posts about Jenny Tetlock you'll see that scientists--yes, real scientists with letters after their names and everything!--believe that it is very, very paluasible that Gardasil caused an unexpected immune response in her, one that eventually led to her death.

Personally I'd guess that the majority of kids are just fine with Gardasil--but that some have the kind of genetic make-up that makes them far more vulnerable to side-effects. All girls are NOT made in exactly the same way.

Because the mills of science grind exceeding slow, casting an eyeball on anecdotal information helps parents to research and try to understand whether their child might be vulnerable.

I'm sure I hardly need to remind you of all the massive and deadly errors that have been made with medications of various types in the past, from DES and Thalidomyde to Vioxx and the rampant overuse of antibiotics that has proved deadly because of the development of superbugs. Parents are, very rightly, more cautious than they used to be. These are our kids, not statistics.

Anonymous said...

When I got my shots I started to get dizzy very often. Just walking down the hall or sitting up could cause me to fall over again. Within a week it had gotten worse. I would get dizzy like normal but then my vision started to fade from the outside in until I couldnt see at all. If I didnt have something to hold on to I would fall over and in a few seconds everthing would go back to normal.
Ive been to the doctors several times and had some tests done but everyhitng was normal. so they said.
After my second shot I still had those problems. By then I got used to them and would ignore them as best as I could. I couldnt sleep at night and had constant aches and pains but nothing too serious.
My third shot I judt got a few days ago. Now I have a strange rash on my arm and neck (those are the only ones I saw this morning) and the one on my neck ithces like crazy.
Even with this happening I would recommend the shot. It hurts when you get it but it goes away quickly. The last shot wasnt even a little sore for me. :)
I would much rather have some weird reactions then have cancer. Seeing as cancer runs in my family I am trying to do everything possible to lower my risk of getting it.
I wouldnt want anyone younger than me to get it (im 16) because it is awfully painful. I dont mind blod drawn and normal shots much but these really hurt! The first two hurt for at least half an hour.

Anonymous said...

I received my first shot on April 1, 2009. It is now May 11, 2009 and my arm feels as though it is dead. Ever since I got the shot my left arm has never felt the same. I am scheduled to get my next shot May 27th, but with all the research I have been doing it is starting to scare me.

Anonymous said...

I got my first shot on 06/19/09. It did hurt a lot to the point that I lost all my strength but the pain left quickly. I am a little bit concern after reading all the different cases and reactions. Now, I have a rash all over my body and it itches a lot. First, I thought it was mosquito bites but now I am not sure because I have not been around mosquitoes lately. I will call my doctor today and find more details about it. I am a bit scare but cancer does runs in the family so I have to try to prevent it as much as possible or to reduce the chances. I am 21.

Sara said...

I got the shot on 7/21/09, it is now a month later 8/21/09 and my arm still hurts at the injections site. It aches and I called my doctor and they just said that all I could do was put ice on it and take advil. She said that other people had been complaining about this. I hope it doesn't last too much longer. This is ridiculous I have never had any trouble with shots. But my arm aches whenever I try to pull something, put my arm above my head or push on something. I am 21.

Anonymous said...

I would like all of you that are searching for an answer to google holistic health. There are ways to do cleanses to get it out of your system. You need a personal Master Herbalist to guide you. Coilloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic for everyone to drink on a regular basis. Find a natural answer to these problems. I am going to because my daughter only got one shot and I had the mom feeling and the information that there were side effects.
Take care of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

It has been almost two years since my last shot; both of my upper arms ache constantly around the injection sites. Some days are worse the others.

Anonymous said...

I recieved my first shot a little over a week ago and the pain is worse than the first few days. I was told the shot would hurt more than others but nobody informed me of how long or why. I am constantly in pain in the arm they gave the drug to, and it effects my work. I feel doctors should be informing us of the side effects better, and people need to be fully nowledgeable of this drug before recieving it. If I was I dont think I would have gotten the shot.

Kristin Johns said...

Don't forget to fill out the Gardasil survey at and file a VAERS report. Researchers won't investigate these things (your arm shouldn't still be hurting so long after the shot) and patients won't ask questions if the information isn't out there.

I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I am 22 and I got my first shot about a month ago. The arm where the Gardasil was injected STILL hurts. More specifically my shoulder is what hurts. Every time I move my arm above my head or to the side my shoulder begins to hurt. Also, if I move my arm too quickly (like to catch something) the injection site begins to hurt again.

When the dr asked me if I wanted to get the shot I wasn't so sure about it because I don't care about HPV or cervical cancer (I believe that if you get a cancer it's nature's way of telling you it's your time to go) but I decided to go ahead and get the shot anyway since I was already getting one for meningitis (I'm getting ready to go live in a dorm pretty soon). When I agreed to get the shot the dr thanked me for getting the shot and then hesitated after saying thank you.

I wonder if there's something drs know that we don't? Do they have to fill some sort of gardasil quota or do they get money for every person they vaccinate? Is that why he thanked me?

Anyway, my shoulder still hurts and when I go back to the dr to get my 2nd shot I'm gonna tell him no thank you and show him this blog. I'm also gonna ask how to get this gardasil out of my system.

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I got my First gardasil vaccine a week ago. Right after the shot i felt pain on the injected area, its painful than any other vaccines that i had. I took pain Ibeuprofen afterwards to avoid any succeeding pain or fever. A week passed by now , last night my upper left arm where show was given
started to swell. Today it is now bigger like 3-4 inces in diameter and looks like a bodybuilder muscled arm. It itches and is painful and feels like my arm is top heavy im having a hard time lifting it up. I do not know what to do next. It hurts so bad it affects my work.

Kristin Johns said...

To the last two posters: you should call your doctor and ask if there's anything you can do. You should also file a VAERS report, with or without your doctor, being absolutely sure to include contact information, and also write a letter to Merck--again being sure to include contact information. Merck claims that the majority of adverse event reports they receive do not include contact information. I suppose it's possible, if unlikely.

Also, please file a report on, being sure to complete the entire survey, and copy the results to your doctor for inclusion in your file. Cumulative and systematic anecdotal information is the 'canary in the coalmine' that avoids debacles like Vioxx, where info about heart attack risk was deliberately concealed and delayed.

A sore arm for a week isn't trivial; a sore arm for more than a month even less so. Of course, it *would* be trivial if the alternative were cancer, but that simply isn't the case.

Incidentally, this is a very old post--you may want to catch up on newer posts

Anonymous said...

My daughter [16]recv'd her second shot a year ago. To date her almost 4.0 average has suffered due to over 60 days absent this year. She continually has bouts of migraines, nausea, vomiting, shoulder and neck pain, muscle weakness,swollen glands, severe dizzines, acute abdominal pain, profuse sweating, chills, lethargy. She was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst last month. She had an MRI that was negative. She was healthy, worked at a barn & rode and trained horses up until this. My oldest daughter got the shots and is fine. My opinion? Do NOT get the shot.

Fara said...

I got the first shot almost 3 months ago and my arm still throbs in pain occasionally. The pain is most concentrated around the injection site but radiates throughout my entire arm.

I know it's from the shot because I've never had this kind of pain in the same ONE arm over and over, and it's the same dull and cramp-like pain I felt on the day I got the shot.

I did not, and do not plan to get, the other 2 shots. I don't recommend the shot. I think the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Anonymous said...

So I just got my third shot yesterday, and my arm hurts a bit. I reckon it is a bit worse than when I got the tetnus shot years ago, but I can't really remember.

I'd just like to remind everyone that just because the majority of these posters are listing off all of the horrible things that happened to themselves or their daughters, doesn't mean almost everyone has a bad reaction. That sounds pretty obvious, but a lot of people fall for it. People who are perfectly fine don't go on websites and talk about it. So just keep that in mind please.

I very much support getting this shot. I usually hate vaccines (haven't gotten the flu one ever) for the many reasons that people have already listed above, but this was an exception. I don't know of a single girl personally who hasn't had sex by now (I'm 20), so I'm sorry but the whole "well being in a long term relationship with one committed person would help" is crap to me. I'm sorry but you've all admitted it- the serious risks are pretty rare. WAY more rare than say getting hit by a car or getting the flu. Yet you'll still all let your daughters drive themselves one day, and eventually they will have to sneeze on their own without your help. And this is cancer we're talking about. A girl died of what SOME scientists think MIGHT have been things from gardasil. Even if there was a confirmation of that, it's still cancer. If you know anyone who has gone through cancer, then you might possibly have an idea about how life changing it is.

So to all of you who have a bump on your arm- yeah, call your doctor. Keep an eye on it and see if things get worse, etc etc. But I'd take constant arm pain over cancer any day.

The only thing I do have a complaint about is that they only gave me the sheet with the side effects the first time I got my shot. Since I've only had bad symptoms (arm pain) with this last one, I had to look online to make sure it was normal. Probably would have been better to go through the "keep an eye out for these symptoms" speech again.

Anonymous said...

to the last poster--so what do you reckon your chances of getting cervical cancer were prior to the shot?

Anonymous said...

My first Gardasil shot caused me to lose my period all together. I had it regularly until the shot then after the first one it was gone for nearly a year. They put me on birth control and I got it back but it was two weeks long and I became anemic. Also I got a cyst after the last shot, they had to remove my right fallopian tube because the cyst was the size of a cantalope. I have been having constant severe pain, nausea, vomiting. These are to the point my everyday life is being effected dramatically. This all started on the day I got the Gardasil shot but the doctors refuse to even hear me suggest this idea.

maria said...

I am freaking out! I just got my first gardasil shot today, but unlike you guys I have no pain or any symptoms what so ever, but I have anxiety and I am scared lol... I want to know... If you dont recieve the last 2 dose it make a diffrence or is it like you never got the shot at all? :(

Kristin Johns said...

Maria--stop freaking out! Although I'm not a fan of Gardasil, most people do just fine with it.

Talk to your doctor. If you have a family history of autoimmune disease, you might want to reconsider the series. But I doubt it will be effective if you have only one shot. It IS true to say that many of the people who HAVE had a problem have had what's called a positive vaccine rechallenge, which essentially means that they've had a similar or worsening reaction with each shot in the series. If you've had no ill effect, though...

Anonymous said...

I just had my shot today. I felt a great deal of pain in my arm. Then a little bit longer after the shot I realized I had a rash on my shoulder. The same side as the arm I get the shot in. Should I get the other 2 shots? I really am nervous about getting them, but I've heard a lot about HPV.

Brittany said...

I am a 25 year old who has just been through an abnormal pap, a coloposcopy, and a LEEP surgery in order to clear my cervix of pre-cancerus cells and now I have to have a pap every 6 months to watch for the cells to regrow. I REALLY wish I had taken the time to get the shot when I was younger. I took the first shot the same day of my LEEP and will be completing the cycle. All of the procedures I have been through were invasive and while not physically painful, they created an emotional wreck along with all the post-surgery effects. I would have MUCH rather dealt with a sore arm and fever for a few days than the mess I have had to deal with because I contracted HPV. Don't feel like a bad mom for giving your daughters the shot, feel like a bad mom when they have to deal with HPV.

Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing your experience, Brittany--sometimes people who aren't enthusiastic about Gardasil forget the other side of the story. I'm sorry you've gone through all that; I know it's a huge emotional and physical toll.

Do bear in mind that when people complain about side effects, it's usually more than a sore arm. If a sore arm was the ONLY possible negative consequence, I'd get it for my girls like

With Gardasil, there isn't a perfect choice either way. However, parents should be given enough info that they can make an informed decision; so far they've just had a sales job if my experience (and the experience of every other parent I know) is anything to go by. I wish doctors would be as concerned with informing teens comprehensively about how the immune system works as they are with prescribing pharmaceuticals.

Anonymous said...

Like any vaccine or medication there are side effects. Sometimes lethal. Even your daily dose of anvil or other meds like the birth control pill can cause serious health risks and or death. It seems like this vaccine preys on a specific type of body chemistry. Too bad they can't screen u for it first to see if you will be affected with these side effects everyone is talking about.
I just had my second shot today. ARM hurts but it will go away eventually just like it did after the first one for me. I was surprised at how bad each time the actual injection hurt when administered.
Other then that I believe this vaccine has more positive results then negative. It is unfortunate for those affected negatively but there are always risks with everything including surgery or driving a car or walking across the street. Like the other girl said....u pick Ur battles .....

Anonymous said...

Advil not anvil. Lol

Anonymous said...

I'm 22 years old and had an abnormal pap result a couple months ago. I got a colposcopy done, and now I have to get a pap done every 6 months. Though I don't have the results yet and may already have hpv, my doctor recommended I get the gardisil shot. A week later and I'm still sick as a dog and the pain in my arm in unbearable. It is truly had to say if these temporary side effects are not worth it. I would like to hope that this all goes away very very soon since the purpose of getting the shot is to ensure I don't develop cervical cancer later.

Kristin said...

To the best of my knowledge there's little advantage in getting Gardasil if you've already been infected with one form of HPV or another--and presumably you have. Have you had an HPV test?

Did your doctor discuss Gardasil's results for infected women? If not, you might consider switching doctors. Seriously, the advantages (according to Merck's own data) were minimal.

Anonymous said...

I had my 3 shots taken and with reasearch apparently Gardasil's side affect is Bleeding... I Have that now. Im not sure if i should get the next one.. Make sure before you get a shot you Research.. dont make the same mistake as me. I think they need to test it more. and i think the shot is clearly unsafe. I would NOT reccomend it.

Anonymous said...

I am a mother of a 15 yr old girl who got her first shot in June of 2011. She experienced a lot of pain at the injection site and a strange rash. We were told to get the second one, that the nurse had probably hit a nerve in the arm. We did get the second shot in her leg, she is now (4 mo later) having huge amounts of pain in both arm and leg, strange rashes and numbness and tingeling. I took her to a pain management Dr yesterday, there is nothing, nothing they can do for her. She is so numb in her arm, when the Dr stuck her with a pin, she couldn't feel it. She likes it when its numb, the pain is not there. I am at a complete loss, i don't know how they could still be giving a shot with these kinds of side effects.

Anonymous said...

So I was diagnosed with an "abnormal pap smear" in late 2008 and my doctor wanted me to take my first shot in 2009 (when I was 20),I had the second one on time, but I was late getting the third shot due to work, school, and being treated for nerve damage to my back (unrelated). I never had any issues with those at all. I got the 3rd shot 2 days ago (after much pressing and pushing by my ob/gyn to finish the vaccinne set, dispite my apprehension), and the pain was horrible. It was worse than having the steroid shots in my hip and back during pain management (anyone who has had a cortizone shot knows the pain) as well as more painfull than my depo shot (which feels like liquid fire being injected into my body). Now I have a large pimple like bump at the injection site, my whole arm is sore, and this morning my bad hip, leg, and damaged area of my back started aching worse than they have in months. I had to have my pain management doctor call in a fill for my vicodin (which i haven't touched in over a year). Now i'm reading all these comments and wondering WTF is going on.

Anonymous said...

The injection was forced on me by my mother, who didn't do her research.I too had a large lump in my arm at the injection site. The doctor told me that it was "no big deal" and that it would go away.

Anonymous said...

I just got my first shot on Tuesday, Sept 11th. The pick didn't really hurt, but the fluid hurt my arm really bad. After a few minutes, it didn't hurt at all anymore. That night, my arm only hurt if I laid on it. I've accidentally hit my arm since then and now it's continuously sore, but still useable and the pain is low and tolerable. (doesnt hurt anymore than the tdap vaccine did afterwards) I haven't gotten any other side effects and after reading all these comments.. I'm scared to death to get the other two shots. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm 16 years old, and got the first vaccine along with a few others a couple of months ago. It felt like any other ordinary shot, and though it did slightly hurt for abour 5 minutes afterwards, the pain immediately went away. After that, no pain whatsoever. My nurse jokingly told me, "It may feel... like you got punched in the arm tomorrow." haha. But not to my surprise, it never happened to hurt at all

I got the second vaccine last Friday, with the meningitis shot, and it's the exact same ordeal. This one hurt a little more and for a little longer, though the pain was nowhere near unmanageable(The meningitis shot actually hurt a lot more. lol). It ceased to exist within half an hour, without any other symptoms. Maybe I'm just lucky? Anyways, thought I'd share my not so scary experiences with you all.

Personally, I think the vaccine has way more benefits than set backs. I'm not sexually active, but at least this way if I become sexually active I feel a little safer in knowing that I got the vaccine and have more coverage. Regardless, there are countless other things that could be transmitted, but still. Good luck to you all! Peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late (sorry), but...I got my Gardasil shots when I was 12, and I have lumps on both arms at the injection sites almost 6 years later. They don't hurt any more, though. Mom still insists it was worth it :/


My daughter recieved her first shot at 12. We were not told the proper proceedure to follow up with the next few boosters. Now my daughter is 16 and has been being seen for her bad period cramps. The NP suggested she cont the Gardasil shots and also start some birth control. She got (what was considered) her second shot of Gardasil. She said right when the injection started, she felt dizzy and it burned. 2 minutes later, she fell out of her chair and had a siezer like fainting spell. We were told she must have had some anxiety and that she would be fine in five minutes. I went home and researched this drug only to find that it has terrible stories of effecting the brain and nerves. We emailed the FDA and I also called and made a report to the OB clinic. A few months later, my daughter wasnt getting much relief from her cramps and the NP suggested a Depo shot. The first one went fine, just like the first Gardasil shot she had gotten. When it came time for the second shot, they knew she had a fallen once before, but they still had her stand up to get the shot. She blacked out, fell over the side of the table, hit her head on a lamp and was completely out for awhile. It took like 5 minutes for her to come around and she didn't know where she was. They once again told us, the shot is fine but she just has bad anxiety and needs to be laying down! MY DAUGHTER DOES NOT HAVE SHOT ANXIETY!!!!!!! She just donated blood a few months ago. If she was that upset about getting a shot, she just wouldn't do it. There is something wrong here and I am not sure what it is. Is it an allergic reaction to a preservative? Its her brain, shutting down and that tells me right there, THESE DRUGS ARENT SAFE! Please help!

Anonymous said...

I am 20 years old I have recieved the same shot about a year ago . After I got it i started to faint and black out severe pain at the spot for months after I recieved it well now I know whats causing it i still to this day throw up all the stuff I eat . The tests that have been run all come back negitive for everything so this helps alot but now I am frightened

Julia Bavaro said...

I had all 3 Gardasil shots about 7 years ago over a period of 3 months, one per month, when I was 16 years old. Had no side effects (that I can remember now). However, to this day I still have a lump that looks like a rather large pimple where I got the shot on my left arm. (They used my left arm for all three shots). It's painful if I push on it, and sometimes I get shots of pain that like radiate from the lump, but luckily nothing incapacitating, thankfully. I've thought about cutting it open and seeing if anything comes out, like maybe it's a cyst or abscess or something, but haven't gotten the courage to even poke it with a needle yet. If I do, then I will update with what happened.

Anonymous said...

I had all 3 and was injured worse after each one. Some days I can barely walk. I have had phantom teeth pain, so much that I had to have 2 root canals and an implant and the dentist has no idea why, but they happened within a month after my HPV shots. I have a lump in that armpit that won't go away. Doctors don't know what it is after an ultrasound and examination. VERY dangerous. NOT worth the risk.

helen alderson said...

My daughter developed seizures (that eventually subsided) a more permanent heart condition (paroxysmal atrial tachycardia, they think) she is an APOE 3/4. I thought it would be ok because there was no mercury.

Annika Christina said...

Me too. It has been a month and it still hurts to move and has a lump the size of a golf ball at the injection cite. This shot is bull and no one will listen to me about it.... This shot is defiantly not what what it says it is for

Melanie said...

I had my second shot about a month ago. My first one there was no problem, just a sore arm for two days. This was the same as the second shot, two days and gone. But now 3 days ago I noticed it hurt to lay on my right arm, and sure enough I have a lump the size of a gumball under there. I am used to getting shots monthly for B12 in my muscles and have never encountered this before. I have a high pain tolerance ( I have fibromyalgia) and take pain medication, but this lump burns, is hot to the touch as if I just had it done . My doctor kept urging me to take it, I am 40 years old already, I will not be going back for shot number 3!

Unknown said...

I got the exact same lump 2 days ago on my right arm where i got the shot, and i had my shot 1 month ago. how do i get rid of it? its freaking me out...

Unknown said...

I got the exact same lump 2 days ago on my right arm where i got the shot, and i had my shot 1 month ago. how do i get rid of it? its freaking me out...

Lenikco Thorne said...

I'm dealing with the same with my 12 year old she her arm been paining every sense she got it and now she have a lump wow waiting on doctor to call me back.

Lenikco Thorne said...

I'm dealing with the same with my 12 year old she her arm been paining every sense she got it and now she have a lump wow waiting on doctor to call me back.

Anonymous said...

My son has the same lump after his second shot. He's gotten vaccine shots and never had this reaction before. The nurses tried to make me think that it's normal and that it should go away. Now I'm really concerned after reading comments about it being still there years later for some. That's not ok to me and I'm going to take him in to see the doctor.

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It's been a month since I've had my first dose of gardisil I keep having this lump where i had my shot and it comes and goes tonight it hurts and the lump has gotten a little bigger I'm currently out of town until possibly Saturday or Sunday what do I do and what's happening. I'm scared

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Katt said...

My daughter is also 12 and experiencing pain and swelling months after the shot. Today is seems to hurt her more and feels warm to the touch.went to the dr he gave us nothing and she ll be called in for an ultrasound.has anyone taken or done anything to help ease the pain

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My daughter is 14 and just got her 3rd shot. First two no problems. This one was different. She said it hurt so bad when it was infected. Swollen and red where the injection site is and now she has developed a golf ball size lump in her armpit. I do not recommend this vaccine! My 16 year old Sister also had all 3 shots and now has to take daily seizure medication, has had a number of operations on her head to remove cysts, and still has cysts that they can’t remove without potentially making her blind.

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